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  • Processing

    We have spacious manufacturing plant that has combined processing capacity of approximately 30,000 metric ton annum. We have substantially invested in facilities for processing. Sesame Seeds are thoroughly cleaned from pure water and then stored in winnowing basket for removal of dirt. The processing procedures mainly include :

    Cleaning :  After cultivation, the seeds are cleaned and hulled. The seeds pass through air separation stage for the removal of foreign particles.

    Hulling :   Hulling process involves combination of pouring water and friction. The Sesame Seeds are passed alongside the hulling machine chamber for separation of hull.

    Drying :   After cleaning and hulling, Sesame Seeds are dried for the prevention of poisoning bacteria built-up. Auto dryers are used for this process.

    Sortexing :   Destoner and Gravity machines are used for the grading of seeds by density, size, flavor and color.